When I Have a Plan Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Nanyang Technological University

Study abroad, the word that i ever heard maybe 4 years ago. When students from another university came to my room in student regiment university of borobudur. And they ask me about study abroad. At that moment, with containing background of nationalism with proud i fast answer that actually i don’t have a plan to study abroad.

I think, why we should study abroad when we know in Indonesia there are many university also perfect to get a better academic study such as UI or ITB maybe.
But right know, all of my idealism is gone. When my senior Mr. Harto Santoso told me that he is study in Nanyang Technological University majoring International Relation with support from scholarship.
After 4 month he told me about his story study abroad in Singapore, precisely he motivating me to join with him study abroad in Singapore.
Remembering his background from Indonesian Army, also undergraduate majoring from English Education, maybe that is a easy way. But how about me ? I am undergraduate majoring in information system with very bad english, how big my opportunity to study abroad ? It is really different story.
And from the first time he told me about study abroad, until now it’s really disturbing me very much. I just always asking in my self, “Don’t you wanna a same story with him, buddy ?” and with fast i can answer “It’s really hard bro !”
Yeah, i really want that chance. Study abroad. But maybe i should reach my dream first. Even if it just pending or delay for several years, i still should find what the another path way to reach that.
Prepare ielts or another supporting document i will do that, but i also should keep realize that its really a small chance from a billion applicant for me to get this opportunity.

Keep try, keep fighting and keep trying. God will answer the best for me.

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