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In frame with Female Blogger of Jakarta
After one month lead Jakarta Blogger Community, i found many character of members inside this community. I can found many  member with different background from senior high school, student from university, enterpreneur and also a student from junior high school. Do you think i am kidding ? Of course not !
From many kind background of members, sometimes it’s also make a hard debate between all of members via mobile chatting platform such as whatsapp.
In whatsapp, we create a small grup to discuss everything about blogging, about tutorial how to customize our blog in blogger platform or wordpress, also for the high trending topic is we talking about how to reach our income in google adsense as publisher an advertising in our blog.
Sometimes, with many people inside that group, it will make several people really confused with the answer he/she got.
The example is when you asking in group, how to add an image in recent post list from blogspot platform, but the image is not appear in our blog post.
When someone answer, it’s impossible for blogspot but it possible for wordpress due to a different platform or setting. 
Suddenly another members answer of course it’s possible but just edit some syntax in html.
With that way maybe for a beginner, it’s really confusing but actually that a good step to explore our experience and exchange knowledge.
It’s just the beginning for my journey how to lead this community and bring or create a good step for our small community.
As our vision that we ever announce in the Jakarta Blogger in chief election last month, we has decide that our vision is to educate people how to use a internet for a positive need or in the spesific reason is to educate people how to create a positive content as far as we know that, in social media such as facebook, how many people share about negative content it’s just to get a many visitor to increase traffic to their blog, just to get a big income from google adsense.
It’s a really bad, but it’s happen right now.
And with that spirit, i will lead this community to bring a spirit to educate people start from kids until teenagers how to use an internet for positive need such as to get information study abroad 😀

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