Am I Too Bad ?

English lesson trial in

English, is just a language. But that is a parameter for entire life aspect such as for getting a job, scholarship or modern communication in social media. I am really do not understand why, but when you updating your social media status using english sentences, it can make you look more smart than other. And until someday you may be find another people updating a social media status with wrong words.

This time, i have a plan to searching a scholarship to continue my academic level to master program. But, my senior Mr. Harto Santoso advice to getting scholarship from LPDP Program. This is a Scholarship program from the goverment to help Indonesia people getting a better education in another country to bring improvement for the nation.
Honestly i am really interested, but i just wondering by myself. “Do you have a enough competences to get this scholarship ?” With lil bit rather i can answer, yes. I just same with another Indonesian teenagers. I have a lot of national spirit to getting a better future. I eat the same food with another, i am eating rice just like another one. So when another guy can do, of course i can do that too.
But the problem is, until this time, i never joining intensive english program such as Toefl, Toeic, Ielts etc. In 24 y.o there is not too late words to say.
I am really blind what will happen in several month later, but i just try to reaching my best. 

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