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August, 16th 2016
August, this is my special moment, wherein in this month i get new age. Oke i’m 23 years old right now. There isn’t celebrate party or another thing, just silence ceremonial by myself. I be grateful Allah SWT has giving a chance to have a best memories and a best life ever, i have a family, have a job, graduate bachelor, have a girlfriend, have a two brother, very much friend, have a very kind Managers, very wonderful seniors in my college, everything a have right now. There isn’t something less. But in this time, i have one dream to be an Army and make my parents and brother proud of me.

Army, is a little thing that i always dream since i still a young. I always remember what a reason for me to be an Army. I want to continue something who start by my father. The only reason for me to have a many experience of several city in Indonesia is because my father is an Army. His corps in Militery Police or people usually said PM.

Because my father is an Army, i can move from city to city in a couple years. And because that, i know how wonderful Indonesia is. How many different traditional atmosfer of each city. And because of it, i can say i very love Indonesia and really proud to be an Indonesian.

Start from easternmost city from Indonesia, Jayapura. A little child born to continue a spirit to guarding NKRI. A little hope to create a big difference surrounding.
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