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Shift hour, some problem who must be faced usually for new workers, we must work in several hour a day, in my office PT Shell Indonesia at Vopak Terminal Jakarta for staff Terminal Operation we must work in 3 section of work, morning, afternoon and night . For Morning shift, staff must come in on 08:00 AM until 04:00 PM and afternoon shift must come in on 04:00 PM until 00:00 AM and for night shift must come in on 00:00 AM until 08:00 AM and we always remind for never too late !
Maybe somebody out there thinking, working on shift hour is very bad, but we have some excess than work on working hour. Yeah although some part will be very bad too, but we still have some excess actually.

Working on shift hour, give you some freedom to do something like your hobby who cannot do by someone who work on working hour. For myself, if a get an afternoon shift, i can go to stadium to running or i usually call it Binsik ( Physical development). I can do more excercise like push-up, sit-up, pull-up and swimming too. Can you imagine, working on shift hour can give your more chance to do anything you love.

And still many more excess working on shift hour than work in working hour. 

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